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Token sales

Uniquely skilled, experienced and resourced to facilitate token sales.

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A token sale enables startups or open-source projects to create and sell crypto-tokens issued on a public blockchain. The proceeds of these sales can be used to develop products, bring products to market or enable operations to scale. Tokens give companies the unique ability to accelerate network effects or provide platform incentivization, benefitting both the network participants and the startup.

Newtown Partners is uniquely skilled, experienced and resourced to enable startups to run regulated token sales, including through partnerships with broker-dealers.

Our token sale focus:

  • Startups looking to utilize blockchains to solve big, challenging problems in a novel way
  • Startups that have a skilled technology team with experience in the industry where they want to employ the disruptive technology
  • A project that would benefit from the use of behavioural economic incentives embedded in a token economy

Token sale services offered:

Token distribution strategy

  • Assist briefing counsel to ensure compliance with local regulations
  • Design a strategy for token generation and issuance event
  • Propose optimal split of tokens between backers, partners, incentives and the company
  • Propose token sale target considering market conditions, objectives and the ability to deploy capital
  • Produce token valuation model
  • Propose optimal token sale process after considering solutions (e.g. reverse Dutch auction, traditional sale, Vickrey auction)
  • Review and advise on blockchain technology choices that best support the token economy design

Token sale marketing (strategic and operational services)

  • Pre-sale and public sale strategic positioning
  • Facilitate creation of a token sale website
  • Prepare communication strategy for before, during and after the token sale
  • Assistance with reviewing and preparing marketing content, such as descriptive whitepapers and videos
  • Identifying target pre-sale backers
  • Introduce the token sale offer to sophisticated cryptocurrency investors and funds, including through licensed partners where necessary
  • Engage paid media channels to drive awareness and participation

Token distribution execution

  • Facilitate public token sales through our world-class token sale registration, KYC and AML compliance platform, together with licensed partners where necessary
  • Facilitate smart contract design, coding, audit and publishing through trusted partners


  • Access to technical blockchain skills
  • Expert advisory
  • Token economy design – for more information please visit our token economy design page

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