Corporate Venture Capital Playbook

Key considerations and learnings from the trenches

This guide provides insights for corporates who are considering Corporate Venturing as part of their innovation programme. It provides an overview of why corporates should consider a Corporate Venture Capital programme to reach their innovation goals, the benefits and downsides of popular CVC models and why international corporates are creating dedicated CVC funds managed by experienced external VC teams. The insights and tips provided are based on our own key learnings from the past three years. Find out how other corporates like Imperial are driving strategic and financial growth with their dedicated Imperial Venture Capital Fund.


  1. What is disruptive innovation and why does it matter
  2. Why you should include CVC as part of your overall innovation strategy
  3. CVC models – which is best for your organization
  4. Six considerations for a future proof CVC program
  5. The case for a dedicated managed CVC fund
  6. Our investment approach
  7. Why work with us
  8. Case study: Imperial Venture Fund
  9. About Newtown Partners
Corporate Venture Capital Playbook

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