Managed corporate innovation program services

Giving corporates the agility to innovate.

As corporates grow and get tied up in regulations and governance, they lose their ability to swiftly act on the ideas and innovations that fuelled their growth. In the words of Clayton Chrisensen “Smart companies fail because they do everything right. They cater to high-profit- margin customers and ignore the low end of the market where disruptive innovations emerge from.”

Opening up the routes to disruptive innovation

Our Managed Corporate Innovation Program Services enable corporates to reach beyond the confines of their own structures and directly invest and participate in disruptive technology innovations.

The two routes:

Route one

Sponsor an acceleration program cohort

As a sponsor to a cohort of the Newtown Accelerator Programme, you are able to invest indirectly into 10 startups that are strategically aligned with your corporate’s interests. Newtown Partners manages the startups on your behalf during these early stages to ensure their success and you enjoy the opportunity of later stage investment and supply chain integration when the startups reach a sufficient level of scale.

Route two

Request Newtown Partners to manage a dedicated fund with your corporate as the only Limited Partner

This option gives you the freedom to set the investment mandate and participate on the investment committee.

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