Newtown Partners has launched its first Crypto Trader Benchmarking Study. The study is a quantitative study of the composition and behaviors of the traders who provide the essential liquidity to the cryptocurrency industry and who are key to its success.

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide vital on-off ramps for users who would like to buy or sell cryptocurrency. It is one of the first sectors to have emerged and the largest sector in the industry. Despite the recent proliferation of exchanges and their vital role in the success of this new industry, the industry itself doesn’t know much about cryptocurrency traders: we don’t know how to describe this sector, how big it is, or what traders care about. The one thing that differentiates cryptocurrency from other asset classes is liquidity and yet we don’t know who traders are or how they provide liquidity.

Llew Claasen, Managing Partner of Newtown Partners says, “We’re excited to contribute the results of this research to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry, in the hopes that it will aid a better understanding of a driving force behind the industry’s success and that we will not just see more, but also more effective cryptocurrency exchanges.”

By completing this survey, traders will help exchanges be more effective at serving the needs of traders and help the cryptocurrency industry understand this vital function. All data will be anonymized and only presented in aggregate form, individual data will never be disclosed and the report will be made publicly available on publication.

Those interested in taking part in the study can fill out the survey here.