Open VC office hours

Your chance to meet one-on-one with an investment team member and ask them anything.

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Newtown Partners’ (currently virtual) open VC office hours is a weekly event where we meet with entrepreneurs to hear their ideas, discuss their startup or fundraising plans and give advice and guidance.

We understand that COVID-19 has made gaining face-time with investors more difficult and aim to provide a structured and relaxed way for entrepreneurs to connect with our investment team to ask and discuss anything they would like to. The sessions are free,  booked on a first come, first served basis and all information discussed will remain confidential.

Book a 15 minute session

VC Office Hours sessions are not an opportunity to pitch us for investment. They are an opportunity for our investment professionals to either help you get ready to pitch any investors for investment, or just to help you think through an issue you’re having in your start-up.

  • If you’d like to pitch us for investment, please send your pitch deck to Review Newtown Partners’ industry, technology, and geography focus areas beforehand to understand possible investment fit.
  • Have your elevator pitch ready, so that you don’t take up the full 15 minutes with taking us through your full pitch (unless that is what you’d like feedback on).
  • Have an agenda and prioritize your questions, starting with your most pressing questions.

Should you have any questions about open VC office hours, feel free to get in touch.