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Your chance to meet face-to-face with an investment team member and ask them anything.

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We’re passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who use technology to solve problems that positively impact their communities. Newtown Partners’ virtual open VC office hours is a bi-weekly event where we meet with entrepreneurs to hear their ideas, discuss their startup or fundraising plans to give advice and guidance.

We understand that it’s not always easy for everyone to get face-time with investors. Our aim is to provide free easy access for startup founders to get honest face-to-face feedback from our experienced venture capital investment team.

Please tune in to our next session on Waitroom to have a face-to-face video conversation with Jill, Lesego, and Egla, or watch the live broadcast as they talk to others.

Past sessions available on Waitroom

Investor-ready series

10 June 2022 | Newtown Partners open office hours for technology startups

24 June 2022 | What does the perfect investor pitch deck look like?

29 July 2022 | How to build a data room for fast investment

12 August 2022 | Practice your Pitch 

26 August 2022 | VC dealbreakers – things to keep in mind when pitching for venture capital

9 September 2022 | How to choose the right VC investor for your business

Why we invested series

7 October 2022 | Why we invested in health-tech startup Field Intelligence Inc.

21 October 2022 | Why we invested in supply chain startup Clockworks Logistics Systems

4 November 2022 | Why we invested in health-tech startup Waspito

Upcoming open office hours sessions – register now

18 November 2022 | Why we invested in Treggo

9 December 2022 | To be determined

Links are added as they become available.

How to participate

  1. Register on Waitroom.
  2. Join the queue and ask us your questions directly for immediate feedback in your 5-minute time slot.
  3. Email us your questions and we’ll try to answer them during the next session.

How to get the most out of open office hours

  • Ask the team for advice and feedback on your investor pitch deck, business model, and go-to-market strategy. Get advice on the types of investment opportunities available, how to build relationships with investors and how to get pitch-ready.
  • Give a brief elevator pitch about your business and ask specific questions that you need help with. Allow enough time after your question for the team to give you proper feedback.
  • You have 5 minutes to ask as many questions as you like, so be organized and prioritize your questions. If you run out of time, you can rejoin the queue.
  • Join the session even if you don’t have any questions right now and pick up expert tips for your startup.

Office Hours sessions are not an opportunity to pitch us for investment. They are an opportunity for our investment professionals to either help you get ready to pitch any investors for investment, or just to help you think through an issue you’re having in your start-up. If you’d like to pitch us for investment, please send your pitch deck to

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