Why we invested in global eCommerce logistics trailblazer Fulfillment Bridge

By |2022-11-10T15:28:13+02:00November 10th, 2022|

We recently invested in Fulfillment Bridge, a promising startup empowering online merchants to control their eCommerce logistic supply chain and scale their business cross-border. Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff End customers expect to receive their e-commerce products anytime and anywhere within a very short time between order and delivery, with excellent service and high convenience. Shipping [...]

Filecoin Africa Launch in Cape Town – postponed to 2023

By |2022-11-09T16:38:48+02:00November 2nd, 2022|

Newtown Partners will host the Filecoin Africa Launch event, the largest gathering of the Filecoin community in Africa to date, on 15 November 2022 at Cabo in Cape Town, South Africa. The event is free to attend and invite-only, but anyone can apply for an invite below. Filecoin is a decentralized [...]

Why we invested in insurtech startup Lami

By |2022-08-05T13:09:11+02:00August 5th, 2022|

We recently invested in Lami, an insurtech startup which embeds insurance into existing digital infrastructure to increase insurance penetration across Africa. Shutterstock/ArtemisDiana Insurance market penetration remains low in Africa at less than 3% in 2019, with GWP per capita 11 times lower than the world average. This is despite the increasing financial [...]

Why we invested in vertical trucking SaaS platform BeyondTrucks

By |2022-07-29T10:44:37+02:00July 29th, 2022|

Newtown Partners via the Imperial Venture Fund has invested in the US-based trucking SaaS platform, BeyondTrucks. This undisclosed round of venture financing marks an increase in investment depth into the US trucking landscape. Shutterstock/PopTika Traditional trucking companies face the following challenges: Lack of digitalization in trucking payments processes The cost of inefficiencies and [...]

Why we invested in Digital Health Platform Waspito

By |2022-04-02T12:37:09+02:00April 2nd, 2022|

We recently invested in  Waspito, a Cameroon-based digital health platform on a big mission to drive affordable and accessible quality healthcare across the African continent.   The $2.7m oversubscribed Series Seed round of venture financing via the Imperial Venture Fund further expands Imperial’s investment scope within Francophone West Africa to augment its market access and [...]

Why we invested in Pharmacy Benefits Platform – Chefaa

By |2022-03-14T13:36:23+02:00March 14th, 2022|

Newtown Partners via The Imperial Venture Fund has invested in Egypt-based pharmacy benefits platform Chefaa in an undisclosed round of venture financing, marking an expansion of its healthtech investment  breadth into the MENA region. Shutterstock/LeoWolfert Chefaa is an asset-light, digital e-pharmacy and pharmacy benefits platform that enables access and direct distribution to  [...]

Why we invested in first mile drayage digital logistics marketplace Haulio

By |2022-01-21T13:58:55+02:00January 21st, 2022|

Newtown Partners portfolio company, Haulio, announced raising $7M in Series A equity financing. Shutterstock/Travel mania Haulio is a Singaporean asset-light managed marketplace for booking first-mile logistics and drayage services in the ASEAN region. Haulio has developed a sophisticated technology stack that digitizes the first-mile logistics process through a haulage management platform that connects shippers with [...]

Why we invested in supply chain “Proof of Delivery” software provider Clockwork Logistics

By |2021-09-14T14:20:28+02:00September 14th, 2021|

Newtown Partners portfolio company, Clockwork Logistics, today announced raising $5.5m in Seed equity financing. Shutterstock/KAMONRAT Clockwork creates a single source of truth and actionable visibility into the first-mile pickup and final mile delivery, including drayage. Clockwork achieves this single source of truth by combining a simple truck driver application with a software [...]

What it takes to do corporate venture capital successfully: key learnings from the Imperial program

By |2021-09-10T13:18:50+02:00August 31st, 2021|

When large organizations set aside a pool of capital to be deployed over many years as equity investments into startups, we call this corporate venture capital or corporate VC. These programs are typically expected to generate attractive financial returns over their lifetime, but the underlying investments are expected to have strategic relevance to the [...]

Imperial establishes innovation fund with Newtown Partners

By |2020-03-09T13:50:14+02:00March 9th, 2020|

PRESS RELEASE, Johannesburg - March 09, 2020 - Major international logistics industry player, Imperial, has partnered with venture capital firm Newtown Partners to launch a corporate venture capital (CVC) fund focused on investing in disruptive startups in the logistics industry, with an initial investment of $20 million. The fund will identify, invest in, and nurture [...]

Adoption of Decentralized Networks, A Mental Model

By |2019-02-21T07:26:57+02:00February 20th, 2019|

H/t to Qiao Wang from Messari whose writing on the theory of The Firm sparked this thought process. Since its inception, the internet has structurally reorganized many industries, such as the newspaper industry. The internet has empowered aggregators and platforms who serve customers to the detriment of suppliers by forcing suppliers to compete on [...]

Security Tokens: A Primer

By |2019-02-20T08:12:23+02:00January 22nd, 2019|

Security Token Offerings (STOs) are a novel fundraising mechanism birthed from increased regulatory oversight on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), given that the certainty provided by regulated instruments and their associated rights is a large short-term attraction for investors, Newtown Partners believes STOs will be the preferred capital raising avenue for startups in the blockchain space within the next 12 - 18 months.

Deep learning & friends for handwritten digit prediction.

By |2018-08-31T11:42:17+02:00August 31st, 2018|

So, let's start off by imagining this scenario. You have to go to some government department to renew your licence or change your son's middle name to Hodl, they will make you complete copious amounts of complicated, burdensome paperwork to do so. Since we're in the glorious age of technology, you, like me, have probably [...]

Why do birds flock, and how can this help us solve blockchain problems?

By |2018-08-06T12:38:45+02:00August 3rd, 2018|

Ever wondered how thousands of birds manage to coordinate and fly together in massive flocks? I certainly have. I had even more specific questions come to think of it. Does some leader bird choose the direction in which they all fly? If so, how do birds elect this leader bird (democratically I hope)!? And how [...]

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